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The Seal of Solomon 

“The Seal of Solomon” has wowed audiences in Israel, the UK, and the US. The Jerusalem Post wrote -  “Musical Soul Twins Shlomit & RebbeSoul is the story of two artists, two countries and one soul. Filling theaters in Israel and New York City, it is also a serendipitous celebration of contemporary electronica and rock fused with the sounds of Yemen.”

"Shlomit interpretation of these songs has all the emotions needed, it is maidenly sensible and passionate all at the same time.  And that is very much what the whole "The seal of Solomon" album feels like" - JazzPort 

Special Collection - NEW!

A special collection of two unpublished original songs (Not available on any streaming platform) and favorite singles by Shlomit & RebbeSoul.

Shlomit Levi solo

Shlomit Levi's self-released album is a collection of songs from Shlomit's  LIVE performances with some special songs written and composed by Shlomit.   
The songs are in Hebrew, Yemenite dialect, and even Aramaic.
* Available only on this website, not available on streaming platforms
* Please pay attention that other websites that sell this album are illegal and the proceeds never reach the artist. Thank you! 

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