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Shlomit & RebbeSoul

One twisted, Russian balalaika

One enchanting Middle Eastern voice

Resurrected, ancestral melodies & lyrics in 4 languages

Searing guitars and insane vocal harmonies

Shlomit & RebbeSoul bring the music of the Yemenite, Jewish experience from Israel to America.  

This is East meets West as Shlomit Levi, dubbed the new Ofra Haza” in Israel teams up with America’s RebbeSoul,

quintessential pioneer of Jewish Roots and World Music.  

Together, Shlomit & RebbeSoul create a unique, musical blend with a distinct, Yemenite spice.  
Their infectious grooves and time-honored melodies combine to create a new and exciting genre that has earned acclaim in Israel, the UK, and now the US.

Musical Soul Twins "Shlomit & RebbeSoul is the story of two artists, two countries and one soul... a serendipitous celebration of contemporary electronica and rock fused with the sounds of Yemen.”- The Jerusalem Post


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RebbeSoul has been featured on CNN International and on the cover of Billboard Magazine as the quintessential and original producer of Jewish Roots and World music.  His groundbreaking 1995 album, “Fringe Of Blue,” has become one of the biggest selling Jewish music albums of all time. His “Change The World With A Sound” album was #1 on college radio's CMJ World Music charts.  His music has been described as “World Fusion stemming from the Jewish Diaspora, a mix of ancient and modern, and a blend of East and West.”

RebbeSoul's website:

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Shlomit Levi

Shlomit Levi was born in Israel and grew up surrounded by the culture and music of her ancestral home of Yemen.  She is well known as the golden voice of Israel’s groundbreaking Oriental Heavy Metal group, Orphaned Land. 

Her new project, long awaited by her fans returns to the callings of her Yemenite roots with a bold, new sound.  It is produced by RebbeSoul.


Shlomit's website:

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