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Jerusalem post-Shlomit Levi RebbeSoul 2015
Jewish standard -April 24, 2015 - Shlomit & RebbeSoul - Larry
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Jewish Standard

“One wrote to me that he was brought up to hate Israel and the Jewish people, but listening to our music he started to have tolerance. He said: ‘If that nice music comes from those people, they can’t be that bad. They can’t be that different from me.’ He actually had his friends listen to our music and gradually they changed their hatred and became more moderate.”

Jerusalem Post

Shlomit levi & rebbesoul is the story of two artists, two countries and one soul. Filling several theaters in Israel and New York City, it is also a serendipitous celebration of contemporary electronica and rock fused with the sounds of Yemen.

Jazz Port - Shlomit & RebbeSoul break the seal! - Czech Republic Album Review

"Shlomit interpretation of this songs has all the emotions needed, it is maidenly sensible and passionate all at the same time.  And that is very much what the whole "The seal of Solomon" album feels like".Read the source 


Weltmusik aus Israel - (World Music From Israel)

The American-Israeli duo Shlomit and Rebbe Soul.
Shlomit and Rebbe Soul represent, as they say themselves, the new wave of Jewish World Music. The American-Israeli Duo is currently one of the most unusual in the Israeli music scene, because not only their music has elements from around the world, also their Fans come from everywhere, even from Yemen and Syria, countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel.

Our album is officially released!

The long awaited album,

"The Seal of Solomon" 

by Shlomit & RebbeSoul is officially Released!
It is available on: Facbook,CDbaby,Spotify,

Amazon,Googleplay,Itunes and other major music outlets!

Album Review - Heathen Harvest

"Levi’s vocals are an incredible standout"

"It’s (RebbeSoul's) balalaika which gives the album the most fresh, clean and spirited appeal."

"Shlomit Levi as the female vocalist in Israeli metal band Orphaned Landfrom the Mabool through to ORWarriOR period."
"Levi’s vocals undoubtedly steal the show and it’s a relief to see them get the foregrounding they so truly deserve."

ידיעות אמריקה - שלומית בתימנית

שלומית מדברת בשטף על החיבור שלה מחדש לשורשים התימנים. אפשר לדמיין אותה הולכת יחפה על האדמה המדברית של צנעא עם שיער מתולתל מתבדר ברוח ושרה תפילה. אבל ההיסטוריה של נשות תימן היהודיות לא היתה קלה.

Jerusalem Post

By MAURICE PICOW"“Audiences are lauding her (Shlomit Levi) as the new Ofra Haza.”Musicians Burger, Levi to combine contemporary rock music with religious and ethnic motifs.

Cover story - Yediot Ahronot

שלומית לוי - מעוואל מטאלי
בזכות השירים ששרה לה סבתה, חזרה הזמרת שלומית לוי מגבעת חיים איחוד לשורשים, וכיום היא משלבת את הלחנים התימניים עם מוזיקת עולם ורוק כבד: "החיבור למוזיקה התימנית ענה לי על השאלות של זהות עצמית"

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