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"With Seal of Solomon Shlomit Levi seals her place among the very best of
Yemenite Israeli singers with her throaty, pitch-perfect vocals and Middle Eastern inflections. Combined with Bruce Berger's skillful acoustics and a team of world-class musicians, the songs reflect a color and harmony so rare in music today. The tunes are dance-worthy, infectious, and beautifully arranged. A great addition to the modern Israeli songbook."

"This album is nothing short of excellence from RebbeSoul. Every song resonates with the power in which it's delivered. I am so delighted he decided to put out another amazing CD because I'm wearing out my other CD's. I love his music and the feeling and meaning behind every song. Bruce Burger is one of the best composers of Israeli music. I love the voice of Shlomit Levi combined with RebbeSoul's musical talents. This is an amazing CD. Thank you for putting out another real winner."

"Musical Soul Twins Shlomit & RebbeSoul is the story of two artists, two countries and one soul. Filling theaters in Israel and New York City, it is also a serendipitous celebration of contemporary electronica and rock fused with the sounds of Yemen.”- The Jerusalem Post

"Shlomit interpretation of this songs has all the emotions needed, it is maidenly sensible and passionate all at the same time. And that is very much what the whole "The seal of Solomon" album feels like" - Jazz Port

The Seal of Solomon is an album that combines classic rock with Middle Eastern music. The album features a great version of a traditional Yemenite song performed by Shlomit Levi & RebbeSoul. The album’s sound is anchored by the beautiful vocals of Israeli singer Shlomit Levi and the talented American producer RebbeSoul.

* Please pay attention, other websites that are selling this album are illegal and the proceeds never reach the artists.

The Seal of Solomon Album

  • 1. Galbi
    2. Two Suns
    3. Ya Achdar Chudari
    4. Asalk
    5. Spirit (Ruchi)
    6. Tzur Menati
    7. Avinu
    8. Havdalah
    9. Abdah Bil'agual

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