Shlomit Levi's self release album is a collection of songs from Shlomit Levi LIVE performances with some special songs written and composed by Shlomit.   
The songs are in Hebrew, Yemenite dialect and even Aramaic.
* Available only on this website, not availble on Steaming platforms. 
* Please pay attention that other websites that are selling this album are illegal and the proceeds never reach the artists.

Shlomit Levi - Unofficial Album

  • 1 -    Tzur Menati (My Share) REMIX
    2 -    Libi (My Heart)
    3 -    Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs)
    4 -    Ayelet Hen
    5 -    Asalk (I Will Ask You) -  Live
    6 -    Milotay (My Words)
    7 -    Taatuim (Illusions)


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