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Identity Crisis!

RebbeSoul came to visit and while he had his balalaika out, as he frequently does, he played some  cool sounding chords and a melody immediately came to mind.  It was a simple one and aren’t they always the best?  Well, this one just came to me and kept going around in my head.  I made up some silly words to go with it.  “Yay, hey yemenay yay…”

Around this time, I was also asked to create a melody & lyrics for an instrumentalist in London.  He’s famous so I said “yes.”  I was having an identity crisis at the time so I wrote lyrics to the melody in Hebrew, then English, and then in Arabic(Yemenite)!
I knew I was having an identity crisis because for lunch, I simply could not decide whether to eat falafel, hamburger, or jachnun. RebbeSoul joined me and solved the problem by eating all three. 
I’ll let him take it from here.

RebbeSoul: Shlomit sang the three verses to me.  They sounded really good so she sent them off to these English guys in London for their song.  Well, I guess these Brits were too busy drinking tea (and scotch?) and consequently flaked on completing the song.  Speaking of flakes, I suspect they were also overindulging in Cadbury as well, yet I digress...

​Nothing really happened with the tune and sometime later, Shlomit sent me a rough recording of her singing those three verses but this time, right in the middle of our “Yemeni yay” song - it fit perfectly! 
We had a gig coming up in NYC so we included it as a duet with me on balalaika and her incredible voice, singing in all three languages.  I thought it was the best song of the night, a real closer.  You know, one of those when you’re done, you run up to the mic and yell, “Thank you and good night!”  The crowd is cheering and you see an ocean of cell phones and matches all lit up in the house.

​Shlomit: So right now, we’re getting ready to record the vocals.  RebbeSoul created an electronica arrangement at my request and once he got over the initial shock of my love for electronic music, he picked himself up off the floor, pulled out his portable keyboard with a wince, and came up with something cool that I loved and proceeded to change.

Our  new song will be released soon!
Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

Shlomit & RebbeSoul

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